If you could only see what I’ve seen with your eyes.

Marillion – This Is The 21st Century

Soms zijn er van die nummers die je, zodra je ze één keer hebt geluisterd, niet snel meer loslaten. Ik heb dat momenteel van This Is The 21st Century van Marillion. Ik vind het zo’n prachtig nummer, qua opbouw, qua instrumentarium, qua solo’s, qua stemgeluid, qua tekst, qua alles. Vooral de solo vanaf ongeveer 8:00 is gewoon.. puur kippenvel. De tekst is overigens ook zeker de moeite waard om te lezen, je vindt hem bijvoorbeeld hier, maar ze staan ook bij en in het YouTubefilmpje zelf. Dit zegt zanger Steve Hogwarth over het nummer:

I’m proud of “This is the 21st Century.” There’s always one that I think, “It was worth making that album just for that song,” although I don’t know for sure, because I’m still a bit too close to it. I suspect that in the fullness of time, that’ll be the “Easter” of this album, if you know what I mean. It makes a point in a very interesting way, in that there are two parallel streams of thought running; two stories going on. One is general, saying “A wise man once said this, and it’s all bollocks, isn’t it,” and at the same time as that’s being said, there’s also this character who’s driving across town to go and meet someone, and you know they end up sitting on a rug by a fire making love.
But in amongst that there’s this philosophical thing going along, “It’s all mathematics, it’s all in the brain, there is no God.” It’s the difference between where we’ve come, and the fact that we know God has been explained through mathematics and physics, heaven has been explained with astronomy, and human beings and everything that we are has been explained with biochemistry and the human genome; but we must still live. I personally refuse to accept that magic doesn’t exist, and I think the day you accept that, you might as well throw yourself off a high building.

Luister en oordeel zelf, zou ik zeggen ^^



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