Out on the road there are fireflies circling.

The Raconteurs – The Switch And The Spur


People who are cruel to animals should be shot punished
I don’t have any grandparents
I have been to Scotland
I listen to cheesy pop music, so what?
School is like hell
I am extremely flirtatious
I think we need some milk vodka
I don’t drink coffee, it tastes disgusting
I talked to a friend online today
I love these bolding surveys

My house is haunted
I’m reading a very good book right now (Of course. I ALWAYS read good books.)
I hate the dentist
I’m scared of balloons
I’m always on a diet
I’m partial to bananas
I have red hair (eh…)
I can cry at the drop of a hat
Sometimes I think I’m psychic
I can be such a bitch to my friends sometimes
My name has always been shortened
I’ve cut myself before and have been caught
I rarely paint my nails
I’m looking for friends who will never betray me
I’ve made a website dedicated to ME before (did I?)
I’m morbid
I’m interested in death
I have a phobia of birds
I’ve eaten squid before
I have natural blonde hair
My eyes change color
I’ve had speech problems before
Guys with earrings are hot
I like museums
I’ve heard of the band Type O Negative

I want to be published
I didn’t make my xanga layout, I got it from somewhere else
What’s Myspace?
My mum is older than my dad
I once thought I saw a ghost but realized I was mistaken (It was my mother (or my aunt?), trying to look like a ghost)

I HAVE seen a ghost
Seafood is grim
I don’t know what my blood type is
People laugh at my last name
It’s very cold outside
I wish it would snow right now…
I’ve always got headphones in
Futurama, yay!
I seem to spend half my life filling surveys
I want to see the new Harry Potter movie, desperately

My favorite color is white
I wear caps sometimes
I wear beanies
I don’t pluck my eyebrows
I have had a Brazilian wax (that’s like medieval ways of torture but legal)
I wear red lipstick
I know someone with a mustache
If I was really hungry, I’d eat YOU
My ears stick out
I’m scared of the dark
I’m not independent (eh.. I AM INDEPENDENT!)
I’d go to a foreign country by myself (well, maybe)
I own a white shirt
I finished school like ages ago (doh)

I have more than 4 xangas
I have more than one Myspace
Sometimes I feel like someone’s watching over me
I believe in karma (kinda..)
I believe in fate
I love cake
I love horror movies, it’s a thrill to get scared (horror movies suck.)
My hair is longer than shoulder length
I haven’t cleaned my teeth today
I’m not American
I love the British accent
I eat too much

Ice cream gives me a headache
I wear stripes
I can sing my country’s national anthem (but only the first lines
I nearly died as a baby
I was probably dropped on my head
I have clothes that were made for guys
I always wear my hair in a pony tail
I always wear my hair down
I know someone named Suzanne

I want kids someday (dunno)
I’m open minded
I am never judgmental about people
I have oily skin sometimes
Being in woods alone is scary

I hate being alone
I hate hate
My house wasn’t built from brick
I love learning about history
I love anything that’s different (almost anything)

I’d never sell out
My room is currently a big mess
Chocolate chip cookies = yum

You’ll never convince me to buy a digital camera
I have long eyelashes, I’m so proud!
I wear brown eye shadow
I love to wander around in the rain
I want a cat
Some accents I find amusing
Evanescence DIDN’T create Goth metal, get your facts straight (hmm.. sure.. blabla.)
I have severely embarrassed myself in public before
I’ve sworn/cussed in front of an authority figure

I’d love to work in a toyshop
Camping? Great
I hate bugs

I’d hate to stay home alone at night
I’m not staying at home for Christmas
It’s a shame that Butterflies only live for a day (oh? ):)
I eat anything
I live in a fairly big house
I’m one of more than three children

Peace y’all.


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