Everywhere I’m looking now, I’m surrounded by your embrace.

1. Where is your cell phone:
Next to me, on the table.

2. Your hair:
Eh.. brown, with a liiiiiiiittle bit violet in it (almost invisible). Need to dye.

3. Your mother:
Is taking a shower.

4. Your father:

5. Your favorite food:
Hmm.. I’m not much in a food-mood :/

6. Your dream from last night:
I went to Walibi World, again. That’s the third time in a row.. I wonder what it means. Ow, and I lost my wallet, but then I found it and my money wasn’t stolen. And there was some African bush-bush man, who had to sleep in a box, next to our bin.

7. Your favorite drink:
At the moment: tea.

8. Your dream/goal:
For this Saturday is finishing my literature reportthing, which is haunting me now for almost a month >.<

9. What room are you in:
The kitchen, including cats in hanging baskets.

10. What is your hobby:
Ehm.. my hobbies are reading, laughing, watching A:TLA and stuff, baking and some other things.

11. What is your fear:

12. Where were you last night:
Same place I am right now.

13. Something you are not:

14. Muffins:
Are delicious. Cupcakes too.

15. Wish list items:

Pim and Pom notepad (this is an adressbook)

Sennheiser PMX 60, or...

... Sennheiser HD 202

My awesome owly birthday cake.

Nedroidcomics shop: Two legendary animals in one. So efficient.

16. Where did you grow up:
Scharsterbrug,  The Netherlands.

17. Last thing you did:

18. What are you wearing:
Some old jeans, a black T-shirt with a red/grey/black print of a girl on it and a green hoodie.

19. Your TV:
Was watching Phineas and Ferb. (PEEEEEEEEEERRYYYYY!)

20. Your pets:
I have two fishies, Kulta and Arto and we have two family cats, Timo and Pip <3

21. Your friends:
Are at home. I guess.

22. Your life:
Is pretty random.

23. Your mood:
Is kinda grumpy. Bleh.

24. Missing someone:

25. Vehicle:
My bicycle. Or bus. Or train. Or (not my) car.

26. Something you’re not wearing:
Make-up, shoes, scarf.

27. Your favorite store:
Elpee, bookstores, Simsalabim.

28. Your favorite color:

29. When’s the last time you laughed:
I think it was yesterday, when I was with Tim.

30. When’s the last time you cried:

31. Your best friend:
Has a Jip T-shirt.

32. One place you go over and over:

33. One person who emails me regularly:
Ehm.. Ewa.

34. Favorite place to eat:
It doesn’t really matter to me, as long as they have vegetarian food.

35. Where do you want to be in 6 years:
in a house with a guineapig, a cat (or two) and with a job as a teacher. Or something like that. (NOOOOOOOOZ THE FUTURE!! Ö)


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